How can i make free website?

2015-10-25 01:07
i want to make free website because i dn't have credit card or other payment source,help me friends!
I suggest x10hosting, you can upload your own custom websites(Your own HTML files) and everything. The only drawbacks? It'd be like, for <--Would be your website(You can change the mx.x10 to some other options they recently added.)
I am not aware of a free way to make website.Instead I suggest you can opt for a low cost website build service.To create a website first you have to register the domain name, Design it and then Host it.Domain Registration:You have to create a domain name which is related to the business,and should be easy to remember.It should not contain much hyphens or special characters.Than only the website name will be easily remembered by all and you will get many visitors to your site.Website Design:You can design your website based on your ideas. Add logo, design, templates,pictures and other services.There are providers who afford pre-defined templates in their website builder service.Domain Hosting:You have registered a domain and have designed your website.Now the next step is to host it using any hosting service provider available.This paves the way for your website to come online and let the public have access to it.You should choose hosting based upon the space that you need,amount of traffic your site will get and other such factors.
You can go for hosting sites but sometimes, we don't get what we want. So, it would be better that you go to and learn HTML, CSS and other languages so that you can extend your creativity. :-)

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