How to ask girl out in person ?

2015-10-24 19:23
I'm in 7th grade this girl likes me I like her . she said its cute when the guy asked girl out in person . how should I do it in person ?
Oh yay! Just walk her to her classes and at the end of the day before leaving hug her and before letting go completely, ask her to be your girlfriend. Don't ask her to go out with you, never do that dude. Ask her to be your girlfriend.
Your too young to date. 12 or 13 year old kids dont go on dates, they just claim that they are dating. What's the point? Wait until your older and more mature. if you don't want to listen to my advice and still want to ask her out, walk up to her and ask if she wants to "go out" she will say yes anyways because she likes you.
I agree with volleyball. I am a 13 year old, and all that relationships end in is drama. Its worth it though :/ Just ask her out if you want to. Be yourself. I know from experience.
When you guys are talking an are about to leave hug her an whisper/say it in her ear then before she answers hug her a little tighter. That way if you blush it won't be seen just make sure your voice is steady an low make sure your by her ear... :)
First- He isn't too young!!!!!!! Second- Sometime during the day maybe when your switching classes or going to lunch, pull her aside and say hey can I ask you something.Third- when she says sure tell her you really like her and you want to go out with her sometime.Fourth- if she says yes there ya go you got your self a gf!Fifth- if she says no... Sorry man it just wasn't meant to be
Okay. I think you are too young to date.... But i also think that its fine just to be able to say that your dating. So you need to get her alone first. Because if you do it in front her friends they might laugh or something and embarrass you. Then just say "do you want to go out with me" or whatever. Don't worry if she just stares at you at first, shes just thinking or shocked or whatever. Hope it helps!
You're too young little bou
You can just straight up go up to her and ask her if she wants to go out with you or hang out.

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