I got my period a few days early, what should I do?

2015-10-24 06:12
I had my period on the 5th this month, and today the 30th I got my period again, I usually get it on the the 5th of every other month, am I pregnant or is something wrong with my cycle, I haven't been getting much sleep due to the summer as well.
its most likely nothing. periods can be random. it depends on the girl.
No worries periods don't always come on the same days!
Periods are predictable but they won't always happen the same forever. They can change slightly by a day or two or bigger like by a week. Your first year with your period it will not have a pattern and be random bc its regulating. You are not pregnant don't worry (you have to have sex for that to happen) and sleep has nothing to do with that. You probably got it on the 30th on the same month bc it started earlier than usual but it is still the same. This period counts as the one for this month. DOnt worry be happy!
Cycle takes a few years to regulate.You can also get your period twice in one month depending on the number of days in a month. I don't see how you get your period of the 5th of everyone month, that's a huge coincidence, considering every month is different. I'm thinking you are fine, call your doctor with any questions or concerns.different things can change your cycle.
Better early than late lol. It's perfectly normal, sometimes it takes awhile for it to get on a regular schedule.
Do what you always do. Your new best friend has a mind of it's own. Does what it wants when it wants to. :)
Since you got your period, no, you are not pregnant. They can be really wonky sometimes, but will even out more as you age (or if you take birth control pills--a friend of mine had really crazy, unpredictable "cycles" until she started taking the pills. Now, she says she always knows exactly when they'll start).
I used to get my period on the first week of every month. Not the same day, but always the beginning. Then it just changed. Totally normal. If it is super light it could be implantation bleeding, but if your flow is normal there's no need to worry :)

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