Why are people apprehensive to work at home?

2015-10-23 18:43
I think that many are apprehensive cause they feel most opportunities to be a SCAM, I thought that once, till I find the right Opportunity. Don't jump into something you don't know about, take time, and find your niche
i dont believe in that kinda work
Most people are afraid to go against what they've learned as normal... "Find a good job" and such...Most of the companies we work for started in a basement or bedroom ironically
Lot's of people would love to work from home, but as you said, most of those jobs are scams. I know there are some real ones out there as I saw some on another site by a very reputable person. It just sounds so good to most people that they just jump right into it. If people would take more time and do some research, I'm sure they could find something real!
My dad works from home, the building he worked at got downsized but they still wanted him to work for them. So they gave him a work computer and a bunch of stuff. I twas nice having dad home, but it was awkward because we couldn't talk to him while he was working. Not all stay at home jobs are scams though

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