Did I do The Right Thing?

2015-10-23 17:02
So if yall had followed my relationship problems yesterday yall would saw I was having problems with my boyfriend and wanted to break up. Last night I called him since he hadn't called me in days. It was suppose to be our anniversary but when I called and ask him why haven't he called me he was like I don't know im sleeping so I was like um ok well bye go back to sleep. I broke up with him because I was tired of being mistreated I deserve better and now I feel great.
Never allow anyone to sit on ur happiness cuz u came to this world alone and u will leave it alone just take ur time and never look for love for love shall find you and u will live happily ever after !!!
Good! you did the right thing, be strong,you'll find the right person, you shouldn't have any problem finding the right man, you're a very pretty girl!
I believe you did make the right decision, based on your previous questions. Just forget him! You can get A LOT better. Best wishes to you Miss.
Absolutely! Keep your eye on the prize and don't get sucked back into a relationship with this guy. Someone recently said on here: When someone shows you who they are...believe them. That's the ticket here...you know what he's like, don't believe he'll change, courtship is as good as it gets, it's all downhill from there if it's the wrong person. Be strong!
you go girl!
The nice right thing !you did !!
Three letters.. Y-U-P! Of course you did! You should just give a big old SNL style "Buh-BYE!" To mister to cool for school and go Avril style " On To The Next One!!"
You do what makes you happy. If the relationship didn't make you happy, what's the point to it? So yes, if you're happy I think you made the right decision.

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