how to get my mom to let me get my ears double pierced?

2015-10-23 09:34
btw I'm 14(:
Just ask, it's only your second hole. I got mine done at 12
The key to persuasion is to ask for something small first, and once they agree, ask for something larger, they are more likely to say yes
If you didn't see other girls around you piercing holes in their face, would you still be so inclined and persistent to do so too?
Tell her the earrings won't be permanently stuck in your ear lobes. If she's worried about them making you look bad, you can always take off the earrings. You could also pay for it if that's the issue
Just some ideas you can think about and possibly mention1) Do you already have one pearcing in your ears? If so, mention to her how your responsible with your earrings and dont wear any that are offensive. (If that's true)2) Offer to pay for them if that's an issue3) Tell her how other girls you know have two piercings. (if that's true) Therefor she may realize that she's over reacting, because lots of girls your age have them.4) As mentioned above, inform her you can always remove your earrings and let the holes close up. Its not at all permanent like a tattoo or a nose pearcing5) Depending on how much you want it, you could even ask her if that could be your birthday/christmas present. Mentioning this could show her you want it so much you'd rather get that than any gifts or treats. (I've used this before for other things. Usually with my parents, realizing how much I truly want it to suggest that, they let me get that AND I usually still get a few presents) :)Hope this helps! Good Luck

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