A baby bird fell out of its nest and is just hopping along, what do i do

2015-10-23 02:42
when i go near the baby bird i hear loud chirps
You can't touch it or the mother won't come back for it , Mabye you can somehow assist it back to its nest without physically touching it, it sounds hard but it's not impossible!
love it and care for it
well.. that depends.. does it already have most of it's feathers? If so it is a fledgling which means it is learning to fly. Fledglings will often make their first leap from the nest testing their wings but they don't really know how to fly yet. The mother will stay close by and help it and teach it to fly.. if this is the case leave it alone. If it still mostly fluff with few feathers you should see if you can catch it and put it back in the nest.

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