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2015-10-22 13:37
my long distance boyfriend of almost 6 months has been adding other women on his Facebook recently and seems to be constantly.. he has over 300 friends on his Facebook and I have a bit over a 100 on mine. I don't know what to think about it. I trust him and all but at times it seems like he could be doing things behind my back.
Long distance relationships are really hard. If he is adding more females to his account, that may be worrisome to you. But, he had it out in the open, and knows you see it. Guess it is a matter of trust. Talk to him about it if you are uncomfortable.
Long distance relationships don't always work don't worry about if he's adding other girls to his Facebook guys will do want they want
a long distance relationship is not something to build your life on. he can't do a thing behind your back as you aren't there
Yes, you should be concerned. I mean really, who has that many "friends"? Just another pretty face to look at in my opinion. This speaks of immaturity.
Facebook kills even strong relationships! That's your guys problem..... Facebook!
people are going to have opposite gender friends even though they are dating still it's not right to expect them not to, but you also have to go with your gut if something seems fishy it very well might be, but don't accuse him until you catch him doing something - you have to trust if you want the relationship to work, you can let him know how you feel communication helps a lot with these type of issues
Find a guy in your home town. Long distance relationships don't work unless one or both of you are isolated as in off at war and married. Get rid of Facebook !!!!!
Trust is a absolute must in any relationship. If you don't trust your partner then there is no use being involved with somebody.Continue trusting him until you have a reason not to. I think you may be over thinking things too much. Most of my friends are female.

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