I'm a senior and prom is coming, I would like to know how to ask one of my friends out?

2015-10-22 08:51
I know her for like 2yrs and I know everything about her but I don't know if she will said yes and how to tell her. I really like her
Just go up and ask her out! Girls like a guy with the guts to make the 1st move because believe me, girls are VERY shy when it comes to stuff like this so don't be afraid! Also, I think one of the cutest things to do is give her a flower when you ask her! :D
Just be yourself and be confident! Girls love that :) good luck :)
Girls like it when you are brave so approach her without feeling nervous. Tell her that you like her and would like to take her to prom. If you like you could ask her out maybe for a cup of coffee and then ask her to prom.
Okay, well if your scared don't be! If she says no, tell her it's fine, you just wanted to go with a friend. If she says yes YAY!! But dont chicken out. Girls like guys with the guts to ask them, cause a girl will NOT ask a guy to prom. Just the way it works. Go for it!! After all, YOLO :)
Dont be afraid... im a teenage girl and girls dont ask guys out or to prom... they love when guys ask them,(i do atleast) it shows that the guy has the guts to get a girl...even with the risk of not getting her , hope i helped -Taylor

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