What are some simple/cheap customizations to do to a car to make it look better?

2015-10-21 03:16
I own a 2000 blue mercury cougar. I have already done some simple stuff like floor mats, meticulous cleaning, etc.. But what are some things that might make it look a little bit better? Things that I can add on to the car.
Try carid they got cheap body modifications for many cars
Some of the simple or cheap customization to do to a car to make it look better include, painting the interior and the exterior, upgrading the rims and tinting the windows. Your customization should match your personality and style. Find more ideas from http://www.ehow.com/way_5373245_cheap-ways-customize-car.html.
Pin striping, blue strip lights under car, big dice hanging from rear view mirror.
Wax/polish, clean upholstery, seat/ steering wheel covers, self tint/decal windows and car, touch up paint w matching nail polish/touch up paint, sun/bug deflectors, new antennae,tire/light cleaner, armoral cleaner

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