What kind of heart problems are there and what could happen?

2015-10-19 22:13
For the passed two weeks, I thought my boyfriend has been avoiding me. But a minute ago I found out that he's been having heart problems and might have to get surgery. it made me cry just thinking about it. I was wondering what kind of heart problems are there and what could happen. Please help!
There are so many; maybe it'd be best to just talk to him and find out what's going on. It could be anything from relatively minor to something really major.
I had SVT (supraventricular tachycardia). That is an irregular heart beat. It caused my heart to beat so fast that I would lose consciousness. My condition was fixed through a simple surgery. There are too many possible kinds of heart conditions. I can't tell ya what he has. I'm sorry :(
Well,I can tell you I have hypoplastic left heart.
Don't worry, just talk to him and pray that he will be fine. Keep a good eye on him I sure he will be fine.
Talk to your boyfriend about it. He will know what the problem is and what the possibilities are, especially if surgery is a possibility. Even if he won't talk about it, he will appreciate the fact that you care enough to ask.
You really have to ask him about that.
There are far too many types of heart conditions to list here. Thousands of successful heart surgeries are performed everyday around the world. Until he tells you the issue, you will not now. Ask him the problem, then go online to look up what will be done for him. I'm sure he'll be fine.

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