Is it good to hide your emotions

2015-10-18 16:40
I always hide my emotions and I'm good at it to I could be sad and no buddy can tell is it a good thing not to tell people about my feelings and keep it to my self the only thing that makes me feel better is when I ride my dirtbike everything just goes away n I'm focused
its the worst thing u can do
no its not but don't wear them on your sleeve either
It's necessary, for the good of others, at times. It's not a bad thing to be in control of your emotions, I don't think?
I have hid my emotions for my whole life. It makes me stressed and anxious. I try to let them out, and when I do I feel better. I wouldn't suggest crying in public or anything, but talking to someone you trust really helps.
Controlling ones emotions is best
its helpful to be able to hide them and its good to be able to show them. Strength is being able to confidently show others your feelings. wisdom is learning to know who you can trust with your feelings.
I hide my emotions all the time. There is no rule/law saying to show them but, it is best to show them once in a while and to also express yourself.
Same with me they cant really tell since im always in my room x'D but still when i go out they cant tell im sad or mad etc..If you one day wanna talk about something dont hide them i mean i do that when i wanna talk to someone about something instead of hiding i tell them and i feel much better especially if i need help or advice on something (:

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