How much does it cost to get a ring resized and have the diamond put back into the setting?

2015-10-17 23:36
I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth spending the money on. The ring previously belonged to my mother and I'm trying to save money on a ring. The ring was bought at Zales if that helps.
I paid $75 last year to have a diamond remounted. That was the higher end repair because I had to have the prongs that held the diamond replaced. If your prongs are still good it will be much cheaper. Sizing prices depend on whether you are going up or going down. Sizing down costs less. If you are going up and they need to add gold (assuming it is a gold ring) you can sometimes save money by bringing in an old chain or some other gold to use for the addition. Prices are also going to vary where you live. Big cities tend to cost more than a smaller one. Find a reputable jeweler and get an estimate. Personally I always think it is a good thing to use jewelry passed down from family. It has a sentimental value that you can never buy new.
if the ring is too big it won't cost much at all, but if it's too small it will be more because it will have to be melted a bit and stretched.if it's too big tho u can just buy a size adjuster thats prob under $20 its just a little bar that you put inside the ring to take up some of the space its like putting socks in the toes of high heels to push your foot to the back of the shoe and make it fit better

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