How can I be discovered?

2015-10-17 22:20
my family, friends, and I think I should be a singer, because I have a beautiful voice. I've wrote songs ever since I was 6. I have wanted to be a singer ever since I was 4. I love to sing, play drums, and play guitar. but I mainly sing. please someone discover me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post videos of you singing on online cites :)
Ok first post covers and maybe your original songs on YouTube. Make yourself a Facebook page and start spreading your music. First tell family and friends about it and have them tell others and so on and just promote yourself everywhere you go. Also promote yourself on twitter. Ask people to check out your music, send them links of your songs, maybe offer one free song for people to have/listen to and hope they show others. Many new bands that have sent me links to there songs or given me songs I usually listen to them and if I like them I generally recommend them to people. Also follow tours if you can and promote yourself before and after shows. I discovered the band Jocelyn by them doing that. Another great way to get your singing career started is to sing at local county fairs, coffee shops, bars, etc. Don't expect to become famous over night it takes time and I wish you the best of luck. Also send demo CDs to record labels. Look at Taylor swift when she was younger she just walked into the record studios and handed them demo CDs until she was signed. She was persistent and didn't give up.
Don't expect too much. A lot have people have tried and failed to get noticed. I also recommend uploading covers on youtube. Maybe you'll get a shot :-)
this is what you can do go to a recording studio get your songs recorded and post them on sound cloud or utube
Have you tried the "Justin/Austin" approach of publishing yourself on Youtube?
Go "out there", present yourself to (many, many) others, (think of your future, don't "burn out" too soon), go where others do that, practice more, maybe look for an 'agent' who will do that for you - expensive - for better results, keep asking, don't stop if you're so good, you should develop your wonderful ability... :-)

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