Any ways to make money fast?read details

2015-10-15 04:44
my brother and i are going to Orlando for spring break and he said he has to save $8000 and i want to help save our spring break is in march any ideas on how to make money by then?so far i have $26
$26 lol sell stuff, rake leaves mow, shovel snow, lemonade stand, etc. really depends in the season.
$8,000? It doesn't cost that much to stay in Orlando. Are you sure he wants you to tag along and get in the way? Figure $125 per person per day, plus transportation. Go online and check out hotel rates yourself. If you are old enough to go on spring break, you can babysit, run errands and use your own head to come up with ideas that work for you.
Baby sit
$8000 is a tough one. I would start saving and according to season do common chores around the neighborhood. If it will help ask for money for x-mas
If you want to save $8000 by march 2012, it won't happen unless you get a high paying job or open up a successful business.

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