My boyfriend won't tell me he loves me but talks about us having another baby and buying a house. I'm confused.

2015-10-13 15:19
Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years. We have a 1 year old daughter together. Our relationship started rough, with constant fighting. He is pretty much an emotionless guy. He is 22, I am 24. He has told his friends he loves me but the fighting drives him crazy. He won't tell me he loves me but he talks about us having another baby, getting a house and our future together. Can someone help with some advice before I begin to think it's all a waste of time :/
What has changed? What issue do you keep fighting about, or is it the same issue?People rarely change. They evolve in some respects, but never really change. This is particularly true about things that annoy you about him. For the fighting to end, you both have to accept each other as you are . . . if you cannot do this, the fighting will continue, and that is what your 1 year old will grow up into . . . . Part of who we become is based on our environment . . . The bigger picture is . . what do you want your daughter exposed to and who do you want her to become.
Why cant you talk to HIM about it. We cant help you in these situations. Just ask mathematical questions or something.
what do you mean? there may be many ways he wouldn't talk to you. many someone close to them(i.e. best friend,parent(s), etc.) died, a bad past, something at school happened in the past.he loves you if he wants you to be a mother of two and owning a house with him.but ask him, just in case
do you know what makes him emotionless? what kind of childhood did he have, what kind of relationship does he have with his parents? I know this guy, I'm married to him lol. Just because he can't say the words doesn't mean he doesn't feel the feelings deeply. Mine has a way of communicating " I love you" every minute by being there for me. By cleaning the house weekly, by caring if I am safe and happy, by working hard, by putting me above his friends, and sports. He doesn't drink, his efforts are in our home and family. I don't need words when the actions speak louder. He has trouble with emotion I know why, it was how he grew up. But I meet him where he is and he's happy. You need to access the mans actions, words are meaningless unless there is something behind them.
ask him if he loves u

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