What is the best way to reduce large buttocks ?

2015-10-13 05:15
I have a large buttocks and I want to reduce them what can I do ?
Just tone em up, you'll be good
Don't eat breadDo squats
you can't really do much because that is how you are bornunless you want plastic surgery.
You can eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, drink LOTS of water, and keep your meals balanced from all the food groups.Also, you can do some high-energy activities, but when starting, be sure to stretch and work your way up to a more intense workout. Be sure you drink water everyday, especially while you work out! Your body needs water to function, and to help you sweat, sweating is good.You can look online at many suggested diets and workouts, and there are many professionals in this regard. Tosca Reno and Jillian Michaels are two I can think of right now, and Tosca worked to get a desirable buttocks, so you should check out some of her exercises. Good Luck! :)
Hang out with Kim Kardashian & J - Lo...yours will seem nonexistent...
you have at first to get a correct scale of all of your measures of all of your body from a sport scale guide , then start exercises for each part of your body to reach by it the ideal balance with the others , after time of an equilibrium sports ,, your body will be nice ,, by the mean if your shoulders are narrow and your hips are big ,you will need to play some building exercises to your shoulders ,and some definitive exercises to your upper thighs muscles ,,the small parts by heavy wt ,,and the big parts by low wt . with high numbers of repetition ,so this system of training increase the bulk of the small part ,while decrease and define the big part ,, , you will need some good gym with good trainer ,or refer to me back by your measures ,and may be I can try to help ,, it is easy by sports ,but the food will never help in this ,by sports you may need a time but you will enjoy a very good results ,,
Probably stop sitting on it too much would help.
Cardio such as running, jogging, etc. or if you want to be extreme you can go get it surgically reduced. If you're a girl it may seem odd butt' a lot of men like big booties. :P
sit on people.

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