I'm 16 and I want my bellybutton pierced, opinions?

2015-10-12 19:37
I've want my belly button pierced for a long time now. (about 3 years) My doctor told me I'm done growing so I won't have to worry about my body not cooperating because of growth, I make good grades, and I'm a good kid over all (always do what I'm told and obey rules ALL THE TIME) so I was wondering if I should ask my mom if I can or if I should look forward to a "no" again. Any opinions or suggestions?
We don't know your parent(s), so we don't know their morality or their perspective or their opinions on subjects such as body modification. We won't be able to fully answer this for you. But, I will tell you from my own personal experience, I asked my (very religious) mother if I could get a tattoo for my 16th birthday, on my arm, and I was surprised when she said yes. I was expecting a no for sure. So, it wouldn't hurt to ask your mom. Give it a shot, she might say yes. But I wouldn't be surprised if she said no, as the only point of a belly button piercing is to attract attention towards your body. Best of luck.
grow up mentally first
If you really want it, you can wait another two years. If your mother has already told you no, you should have listened the first time. Continuing to ask will only annoy her. If you really, truly want this done, two years is worth the wait.
I would explain to them exactly what you just said, about how you get good grades and you keep yourself well. Try to just have a rational conversation with them about it and hopefully they'll understand where you're coming from. Good luck! :)
Ask her the worst she can say is no
It's, up too your parents.
I dont particularly like it when people get themselves pierced with piercings and nose rings and earings but what am i to say i cant stop you so if you really want to but everybodys telling you no then wait till your 18 that's when you can when your parents say no pr yes its your choice
You should probably ask, but why would you want a belly ring? My friend has one and says it hurts
It won't hurt to ask her. The worst she can say is no, but you can wait a few more years and after you've moved out you can get one done on your own. If your mom does say no, don't get it done while you still live with her (even if you're 18) because she can legally kick you out for that.

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