How to get good posture?

2015-10-11 08:25
So my young childhood I was always told I slouch. Now when I walk I lean way back and put my head forward. Also people always say why do I look so tense in my shoulders. Any tips for good posture?
Since you slouched as a child, you're shoulders and body are a little messed up. This is what you can do to try and fix your hunchback: take nice warm baths and use muscle relaxers, mostly on your shoulder blades and back of your neck. You could also have a walking technique; while you walk, make your back straight and lift your head, while pretending there is a string holding it up high. It makes you look confident and sharp. Also, stop slouching in you seat: you need to sit up straight with your legs touching the floor flat. You could also do stretches to help your muscles.
Work out. If you work out your core it will strengthen and give you a good posture. & Maybe yoga. Are you stressed?

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