Is she still interested or is she cutting the cord or is she playing hard to get? (look at description) [PLEASE HELP ME]

2015-10-09 15:04
ok this girl i went to homecoming with. I would really like to date her, but for some reason there is no interest into me now. Ive tried texting her and rarely will she reply (dont worry im not excessive). She said she had a lot of fun at homecoming. Her personality is pretty quiet. we are sophomores in high school. Her friends like me. We have never fought before. [if there is more you need to know ASK!]
yuShe enjoyed herself at homecoming,but she didn't considered it more than that. However youthink differently that it was much more than that. If she thought it more to liking you, she would have persue her interest in you. Stop acting desperate since she hasn't any interest in you otherwise by now she would have liked to have been your girlfriend. Whinning will get you nowhere with her, find someone compatible and forget about this girl,so you took a very pretty girl that made your day at home coming something to remember. Should she cross your path again,will be on her terms,it's easier for a pretty girl like her to catch your eye,but not easiy for you to think she's yours.Finding the right girl will be yours in the stars, so sad for you to think any different right now.
Maybe she doesn't want to be rude, but maybe she found someone else she likes. Don't worry, she's not "cutting the cord." Just try talking to her in person. Stop her in the hallway and if she tries to walk away demand answers!! Lol, good luck!
So she enjoyed the date to homecoming. That doesn't mean she wants to date you.
If she had a good time at homecoming chances are if you ask her out again (maybe even just as friends) she'll open up to you, especially if she's a quiet girl.
If she rarely responds to your texts it doesn't look good for you. Why don't you approach her in person? Tell her you had a good time at homecoming and would like to go out again
Just leave her alone. She has to come to you now. Some other dude noticed how hot she was at homecoming and let her know. It has blown her head up. Just watch. She'll fizzle out and come limping back to you. Maybe even after her heart is broken. But what separates men from boys is how you act the second she comes back to you. Be her friend? Admit how much you miss her? Be could as ice and diss her? It up to you. But know this. It will shape your destiny as a man! (Ladies please ignore this secret to manhood, as it will broaden your already unfair advantages in the art of love and war. You're complicated enough as is!!!

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