How many situps should I be doing a day?

2015-10-05 02:58
Im a teenager, eating very heathly and im wondering how many situps would be good to do a day
You ought to do crunches rather then sit up as it's less damaging to your body.
Dont just do situps... Change it up! for example- day one- 5 pushups, 5 situps, 15 sec plank Day 2- 7 pushups , 7 situps, 30 sec plank.. Or go for a 15-30 min run!
it depends you do it often? If not you should train your self,but starting off doing 30 a day then when they get to easy challenge yourself.(idk if your a boy or girl thats why i said start with 30 because its a fair number for starters of any sex when being a teen.)
it would depend on what you are trying to doif you are trying to get stronger start a certain amount and do a little more each day.but if you are just trying to stay healthy just keep eating a healthy diet and keep physically active
Try setting a limit and see if you can reach that ( say "100"). If you find it too easy than raise the limit a bit, but if too hard then try going down maybe 5 or 10 sit-ups. Do the lesser amount every day but make it a goal once a week to try an reach the original goal. Once reached, than raise your goal. If you can't reach this goal at first, then try doing what you did before. Do a lesser amount but challenge yourself to try the high goal once a week. Hope this has helped. And as always, have a good day.
Mix up your ab exercises..situps everyday isnt going to help much

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