What are some good ways to make money as a kid online? What is the best place to fill out surveys?

2015-10-04 19:08
I'm a teen and i'm trying to save up some cash for a new video game system. What can I do online to earn some money quick? Even if its not THAT much money i would be interested in learning some good places online to make a living.
i tried the page sladshot linked and it worked for me. i got a $10 amazon code for filling out a quick survey!
I would be careful with survey sites because they can steal your personal informational and they barely make you money. I have been worked up to making about $100 a week online without doing much. Check out livingtheeasylife com for great services and tools that will help you earn online!!
thank you!
Here is a really good survey site that I use a lot, you can earn up to $50 really quicklyhttp://giftcardbucks.blogspot.com/the only downside is that you dont get ACTUAL cash, it is in the form of amazon giftcards or paypal currency. It can still be used to buy things online though, but you can't spend it on bills or groceries (unless you buy food online i guess lol)
sites similar to swagbucks can be good but you dont make too much money from them, i wish there was a better way to earn easy cash for surveys online. i might try http://giftcardbucks.blogspot.com/ that was linked here

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