What do I do if my crush thinks Im creepy?

2015-10-04 10:01
MY crush thinks Im creepy and I want to turn that around but he knows I like him! Which only makes it worse... he thought I was fine until today. So help please since its an early stage hopefully I can reverse the thought.
what did you do today that made him think that? don't do it again
Uhm, don't seem too desperate to talk to him. As in, don't go OUT OF YOUR WAY to find him and talk to him. He obviously needs some time and space if he thinks you're creepy. He'll prolly calm down soon. Once you meet him coincidentially, start a regular convo, and look disinterested. Seeming disinterested would make him think you don't like him anymore :p Have a bored face and just make small talk like, Oh, how you been? That's cool, well i'll talk to you later. Then just leave. He'll think that it's weird how you're acting, but be relieved that everything would be back to normal and just go along with it :D

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