what is the disease if I'm continuously vomiting and having a stomach ache?

2015-10-02 12:57
I did hardcore gym that was really bad before lunch and I had lasagna and salad for lunch. is there a good cure for it if you guys know what is the disease? no fever.
its not a disease, if you had a hardcore workout then you shouldn't eat right after a workout, it can make you nausiated and you could vomit.
It's possible you have the stomach flu. Just drink lots of fluids and get some rest. You should be fine by tomorrow.
It's not a disease. It could be the flu or food poisoning. Perhaps the lasagna you ate was bad, or even the salad. You'll just have to ride it out until it's over, unfortunately. Trust me, I've been there.
its a flu drink more water and healthy foods or maybe you have food posineing

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