Should I be worried about my health?

2015-09-30 18:22
A few people have been commenting on how scrawny I am and I never really thought much of it before now, because it wasn't like I was the only thin girl in school. But lately I have been feeling a little sick lately, and I decided to see how much my friends generally eat. Apparently I only eat about half as much as them (they all said something about 3 meals a day). I try to eat more, but I only really get hungry around noon or 1 while I'm in school, so that means I end up eating at about 2:45 (about when school ends) and 8 or 9 almost every day. I usually only end up being able to eat half of my dinner, because if I eat any more of it, I begin to feel more sick than before. My stepmother doesn't seem concerned at all, because she thinks if I do not visually look very malnourished, I am totally fine. But.. What should I do? Should I be concerned?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...don't skip it. That's a start....
While you should probably be eating more, as long as you feel fine and your step mom isn't showing concerns, you should be ok, Try to throw in a high protein meal replacement shake sometime during the day. Next check up mention your eating habits to your doctor just so they can watch for potential problems. :)
tip: eat healthy and forget what people say
I have a similar problem, it sounds like something is causing you to lose your appetite. In my case it is stress and depression. The first thing you need to do is pinpoint the problem. After you resolve it your appetite should return and it will be easier to eat. Until then try to eat more especially in the morning because the amount of food you are eating on an average day is not enough for anyone to be healthy.
Maybe some more protein like meats
It's hard to say because most of these details are subjective. However, research has shown that people who eat breakfast every day have generally better overall health and a longer average lifespan than those who do not eat breakfast every day. Also your body has specific nutritional requirements that if not met will cause your body to break itself down. Your body will breakdown protein in muscles, and in neural cells, and will demineralize your bones. This will have the disturbing effect of making your muscles atrophy, your bones will become weak and brittle, and you can get permanent brain damage.You need to meet your bodies nutritional needs. It sounds like you are having difficulty doing this, which may be caused by a medical condition, that can be treated and probably cured. I strongly advise you talk to your school nurse and also your doctor about this. Make sure you tell them everything about this situation especially the symptoms you are experiencing. And don't be afraid to ask question. And if they tell you something you didn't understand don't be afraid to tell them. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Try to eat a light breakfast. I understand not really feeling like it, but it will help. Just a banana or a bowl of cereal. Something small. You could also try a meal replacement, not to replace but as an addition. You can buy them at most grocery stores. They aren't really that filling, but they will give you energy and make you feel better.
try to nibble. you should be eating something healthy every two hours, whether you feel hungry or not.
If you feel a little sick at school, check with the school nurse, and at that time ask her if she thinks it might be that you are undernourished. She will give you a more objective (not depending on personal feelings) answer than friends who might just be a little jealous that you are naturally thin, while they may have to work at being thin. Never let the opinion of "friends" be the only way that you make decisions; try to find someone who -1- knows something about the subject, and -2- has no personal feelings about what you do.

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