What does it mean when a guy calls and texts you first?

2015-09-26 05:16
I have a crush on a guy in my university, though he deferred, but anyway, he told our mutual friend that he misses me the most, but he doesn't have any guts to tell me; I know he's serious, because he's a good guy and doesn't lie about those stuff. Our friend gave him my number, I'm not sure if he asked for it though.. but he called me, though I didn't answer, because I didn't know the number, after which I texted him, he started replying and he said he misses everyone. I texted him a few hours ago, he still didn't reply though.. Can anyone tell me what this all means? :)
firstly clear that which person is text you is the same person which one you like . then answer his calls
nothing it means nothing
Give him a chance. Maybe he's busy. I know that is annoying when someone doesn't text back right away. LET Him COME TO YOU! Make HIM do the work, honey! That way you KNOW he's interested and NOT doing it just to appease you. Meaning just to make you feel good. He's doing tit becasue he's GENUINLEY interested. Let us know! GOD BLESS!
He fell asleep?
Answer his phone calls.
Duh it's so easy answer his phone calls and his text means sages but... Don't say anything wires cause I did that once and it did not look pretty for what I said.??
He's not willing to miss you . he's feeling he misses you and want to get back to you

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