Self harm scar?

2015-09-23 20:32
about 2 months ago or more I started self harm. I cut really deep and it bled slot more than the others but I didn't tell anyone. the next day I went to the school nurse and she said i should've gotten stitches but I didn't. now my scar still hasn't faded and its resently getting a dark reddish purple spot underneath it and its been aching. i scratch at it occasionally but I guess nothing too bad. what's wrong? and what should I do? I'm 13
Stop cutting yourself, it doesn't help anything, stop scratching at it, and show someone before it gets worse.
I would go to a doctor. you dont want it to get worse.
Well, quite obviously don't cut around there again, though not cutting at all anymore would be best but to each his own, and have a doctor look at it because the discoloring may be caused by infection. My skin tears easily when I fall and occasionally when it scars over it turns a slight violet color underneath for a short while. I just apply a little ointment to the skin for a few days, but it doesn't always work.Hope this helps.And ignore the people telling you what to do in terms of stopping. If it gets to the point where you feel the need to seek help, do so, but if you do have it looked at by a doctor and have other scars he may require you to.
Not to be insensitive but you really shouldn't cut yourself. If you are having problems, the best thing to do is seek help!!! Whether its talking to a counselor or just talking to a friend. I personally do not understand why people would do this to themselves. Also you should probably seek medical help because it is probably infected.
Go to a doctor it's probably infected and if to u tell ur parents be prepared to answer a lot of questions like why when and how? Good luck! <3
L o l
It's infected obviously. Tell a parent/guardian. Go to the doctor. And get some therapy. Good luck.
No matter what happens in life don't do self harm it's going to be ok but you should tell your parents, they won't get mad at you they will try to help ask them if you can go to a counselor or someone you can talk to..... A counselor is good for people even I have one just because if I have trouble with my friends or fell like something is wrong I can't tell them and it realy helps but you should go to a doctor for help... Taking care of yourself and body is very important.

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