Can I give my puppy pig ears?

2015-09-22 23:30
I know this is a weird question lol but can I give my 2 month old german shepherd puppy a pig ear I bought from petco? would she get sick?
It's totally fine. Lots of things to chew on are great for any dog. Two things to be aware of: Don't let it get small enough to swallow whole, and NEVER buy a bone or chew made outside of the US. It's law that they have to be sprayed with pesticides, so that's guaranteed on any of those bones. Even some bones that are named with US or American in the name are often made in some other country. Got to read the small writing.
I think you should let the German Shepard keep its own ears...
I think you should ask someone at your local pet store and your vet. I've seen pig ears and I've never seen one less than 6 inches across.
I'd stay away from giving your pup pig ears, they're practically nothing but fat, very greasy, and rich. As young as it is, he'll probably get diarrhea. I suggest bully sticks. HOWEVER, do not give him any treats from China, they have had lots of dogs die from eating Chinese treats, they are not sanitary and cause botulism (I think that's what it is).
Sure. I have given several dogs pig ears. Only one had a case of diarrhea from the pig ear. My dog loves Bully Sticks. They are great for a dog that loves to chew.
No it would be weird
Sure. The only caution is that I'd observe your puppy's chewing on any new kind of treat or chew toy. One of my dogs is a very aggressive chewer, so I'm careful what I give her. She can bite things into pieces small enough to swallow, but those pieces could hurt her insides. Pig ears are good treats and your puppy will probably really like them. Provide a good variety of chew treats, partly so your puppy doesn't get bored but also because too much of some things might cause diarrhea.
There are more nutritious snacks for your dog. Just make sure any snack are not from China, there have been too any dogs who have died and become ill from them.
I would give him as many bones, pig ear, buffalo skin, chewables as possible (not like 50 bones in the room, but at least a dozen and keep them visible for him/her) and keep this up until he is at least a year. When puppies go through their teething phase, their gums hurt and that's why they chew up furniture, clothes, shoes etc, if they don't have anything that they're supposed to chew on.Another tip: whenever he/she is chewing on your hand or anything that they're not supposed to be chewing on, correct him and show him the bone/pig ear/chewable as in "you're not supposed to chew on that. Instead, you can chew on this". This worked really well on my Schnauzer. He's completely through his teething phase and the only thing he got a hold of was a little corner of a book ;)

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