My friend is suicidal sometimes but.....

2015-09-16 02:12
my 13 year old friend self harms and is suicidal at times. and I'm there with her 90% of the time. and I like trying to help her and give her advice but, she text and calls me every single day all day long. Most of the time it's over little stuff like she's crying because the mall is closed or because some stranger guy didn't like her Instagram picture. And it's so irritating! she'll message me at like 3am saying she's gonna commit suicide and when I text her back she doesn't reply till morning saying she fell asleep. and that's so frustrating and she refuses to tell anyone what's going on with her and its almost like she doesn't want to get help. I need a way to tell her to chill with the texting me every hour of everyday. Its very stressful and seems like shes really dependent on me. And to be honest, I can't be there every single time something doesn't go her way. Does anyone know how I can tell her that without making it seem like I'm being a bad friend. because I want to be there for her. help!!??
I don't mean to sound insensative, but it sounds like she likes attention and drama. But you have to convince her to get some help, this is not something to just let go. she does need to get some kind of help. There's doctors that specialize in this stuff. Hope everything turns out well for her.
From the sounds of it your friend needs serious help. If their parents are not supportive of them as you indicate then you need to make sure your friend gets help from another source. ~1st you should tell a school counselor if you both attend the same school. ~2nd you need to inform your parents what is going on. They need to know what is going on with you & it would help for them to be filled in if your friend is around your house visiting. Your parents may also be able to get through to their parents better so that they get your friend to counseling. ~3rd try your best to maintain your friendship but try to introduce some boundaries that clearly show you can only go just so far to help them.

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