Should i leave my boyfriend ?

2015-09-14 13:33
he didnt talk to me since three weeks and when i called him and asked why he told me that his mum knew and she forced him no to talk to me and he wants to be with me and some friend of mine told me that my boyfriend is lying to me and my boyfriend told him that but icant believe him because he was in love with me before but i didnt accept .but when i look to my boyfriend in the class i saw him looking to me that makes me feel that he is in love with me but i'm not sure what should i do am going crazy
Try to create a relationship with Mr Comma and Mr Period.
Dnt break up with him u have to be patient and if u really love him and knowing its not his fault for not talking to u ...and if u do break up with him u must didnt really love him in the first place ..u have to hold on be strong ...God will find a way to make it right wen things get bad there is always a path of sunshine waiting to be walked through
Haha, No. No. Just No. First of all, If a boy looks at you that DOES NOT mean he's in love with you, It probably doesn't even mean he likes you. Second of all, just because he looks at you in class, DOES NOT mean he's your boyfriend. Third, I doubt that he's your boyfriend at all. Lastly, Your grammar is horrible. Just horrible so I'm sure your like 9. Now with that said, Have a nice day..
well how old r u two?
You sound like a five year old.. just saying.
Leave him.
Yes, because he deserves better than you.
Yes dump his sorry butt!
If you get so paranid over little things like that, maybe you are not ready to be in a relationship.

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