On what date did Jacques Chirac attend 9/11 events

2015-09-13 13:27
Met George Bush at the time
Chirac shown New York devastationSeptember 19, 2001 Posted: 3:47 PM EDT (1947 GMT)NEW YORK (CNN) -- French President Jacques Chirac has became the first foreign leader to survey New York's devastated World Trade Center area.Chirac was flown over the disaster zone in a helicopter on Wednesday, joined by the city's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.Chirac, who met Bush at the White House on Tuesday, hailed the firefighters at the forefront of the rescue mission."I want to say bravo, thank you. You did that for the New Yorkers but also for all the free world, for the dignity of all mankind and we know that and we are beside you," Chirac said.In his meeting at the White House, Chirac promised that France would work with the international coalition against global terrorism, but stopped short of endorsing Bush's characterisation of the campaign as a "war."

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