Bra Size help?

2015-09-11 19:37
I've tried many online calculators but theyre all really wrong!
I'm a 28 band size and 32 bust size.
They all come up with 34B, so I tried that and I'm spilling way over!
You may want to get measured at Victorias Secret .. I never eent into one until I was 60 years old. I AKWAYS felt too intimidated. Turns out they are so great. I had lost over 70 pounds and many inches in my bust. I couldn't figure out my size. Besides my left side is much bigger then my right side. I was measured perfectly then found a bra I can wear that makes me look a lot more even.
Try a 34C or a 34D
Try on different bras at the store or go on a day when they have a lady there to measure you.
Most women wear the wrong size bra. Go to a good dept store or a good lingerie shop and be professionally fitted. You will probably be very surprised by your correct size.
I agree with 1meeshee. Go into a department store and get measured by a professional. once they give you a size use that as a guideline. Different brands and different cuts will fit differently. Depending on the cut I can wear any of three different band sizes and two different cup sizes. If you go into my bra drawer there are at least 5 different bra sizes in there, and there are all from the same company, but are different styles.

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