Am I an overprotective mom, or are the warning signs real? please read

2015-09-09 20:58
My son is 19. His g/f is 18. He has made many many mistakes and only shows signs of maturity intermittently. He drives me nuts, but I love him. In regards to his relationship, I want him to make his own decisions and come to his own conclusions. I am a bystander right now and dont know if or when I should interject. I see things she does and says that put up red flags and hope he sees them too. Are they red flags? Am I overprotective? Should I step in? If you have any first hand experience, with your childs relationships, good/bad etc and can help me through it please comment. I have more details describing the signs, but can't explain it all like this.. help
As long as he's happy and she isn't putting him in any actually physical danger or putting him in danger of jail time then let it be and stay out of it if he has any questions he will handle them but he's grown up now and if his heart gets broken that's just part of growing up it's hard to do but he's made it this far in life you obviously did a few things right step aside and let him make his own choices
I go with Beckys answer
Mom of three, 2 are teenagers... throw some of the red flags at me... let me think about it
you are to over protective he is a teen those are the best years let him do what he wants and if something bad happens oh well bad thungs happen
of course all mothers seem to get overprotective but if he's an adult he needs to learn from his mistakes and make his own decisions
I am a mother of six children and three of them are boys. You need to stay out of your son's relationship with his girlfriend and only give him advice if he asks for it. He needs to learn about things on his own, even if he has problems getting it. I have a son with ADHD and he does not always get things as quickly as the other kids, but he does get it eventually. Let your son live his life and you go do somethings for you, have fun and stop worrying about him.Take care! : D

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