What should i do now?

2015-09-08 22:12
I joined a new company,many girls wanted to make my friendship.I kept rejecting them without talking properly,almost one year over know i have given lots of products from R&D.I have good name but these girls try to stop my work at office, CEO came to know that and have kept them apart from my department.but there is one girl kept talking to me continuously and looks at me,She try to say that she is good not like others.I have never given eye contact and spoke to her properly.Because she looks at me continuously i just saw in her eyes 3 times yesterday.If i look at her she won't look at me but she looks at me other time.
now she has told to all her friends about that,When she is with her friends everyone looks at me to check whether i look at her.This make me uncomfortable all the time.I din`t tell her anything but still lots of irritation and feeling like they broke my ego.I just want myself back i couldn't concentrate on work.I am not looking at her after that but still things are continuing.
Can something be said rudely to stop that?
Your traumatized already and you haven't e..ven gotten involved with any of your co-workers YET ! All of this is precisely why you Shouldn't. get involved... with all of this petty nonsense.You and your co-workers are there to WORK,and the longevity of your employment there depends on your maturity to control yourself in a work environment.Do your job... that's. what your there for! If you haven't. figured out yet how to search out a relationship, Outside of your Workplace, then you'd better take a timeout... All of the sneaky, flirtations and hanky panky on or off your jobsite will only create a living Hell, don't think the OTHER co-workers around you daily, don't grow tired of the non-stop Circus also...and their input can only lead to your demise. When you no longer have a paycheck there, I kinda doubt you'll be as popular. Remember when you just had a nice job daily... ( without all the Drama) ??
well, don't let a lil gal get to ya, just ignore her.
If your policy is that you don't date women at work that's all you need to say, there's no need to be rude. No one can make you be interested or date them. I'm glad your boss is aware of the situation and helping. Don't worry about it, ignore it when you can and when you can't just state that you don't date people that you work with. You're going to get answers from people who do not understand you or your culture so be aware of that.

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