Am I stingy?

2016-06-29 16:12
Normally,I share everything with everyone,lately I've cut back on it because people have taken advantage of me.I'm afraid my standin' up for myself has turned me stingy though.Whenever I'm eatin' and my boyfriend ask me for some, I get really annoyed now,not always but after a while because he does it so much. I don't think I've ever finished a meal without him askin' . If I make somethin' and tell him I am so I can make him some too,he doesn't pay attention, then later will say"I wish you told me you were cookin'" Then he will get ready to make his own,but still ask me for some of mine to tide him over while he waits,I get soo annoyed and I don't know if I'm bein' a stingy bi*** or if this is normal.I think I feel bad because he does take care of me,and he's my boyfriend,but I feel he's a bit greedy.He eats almost everything up,and he shares his food,but not always.Example we went to McDonalds and used his friends discount,he told him after we ate to go up and get two more cheddar onion burgers,he made a mistake and brought one,then went to work.He already ate two,but instead of lettin' me have the other, he ate it.I got sooooo mad! Only because I feel like he eats all my stuff.
don't feel bad about yourself just give to those who need giving not those who want things and wont reciprocate that kindness
oh the trials of relationships ha ha
is totally normal. I got mad because I was going to make myself a peanut butter sandwich but I saw that my gf had eaten all the bread. So I told her, did you eat the bread and she said, yes, I was hungry so I made myself a sandwich. I told her that it was fine, then I was going to make myself a salad with the grilled chicken. I open the fridge, and I saw no grill chicken, I was pissed, so I gave her my famous look, and she said, oh, I made myself a grilled chicken sandwich. BTW we are out of tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. She thought it was funny, I didn't think so. I went to subway, and got myself sushi, and when I was in the bathroom she took a piece, so I called her fat, and then she cried.

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