Are there any songs out there that are appropriate for school and are related to school for three reasons?

2016-06-29 15:31
I'm doing this as homework for school and I need a song that relates to my life or some song about school. There can't be any swears in the song, not even one but otherwise it's fine. I need three related reasons for why the song is related to me/school.
Schools out, Alice Cooper
That's a hard question... these are really smart and important songs. JKi really don't know any good songs... sorry.
I think anything by Taylor Swift might work. Or something from High School Musical. Also, if you want something old from the 80's look up Debbie Gibson, she wrote about teenage love. I think one of them is called "lost". Hope this helped a bit.
Van Halen "Hot for teacher"The Police "Don't stand so close to me"Brownsville Station "Smoking in the boys room"
Wonderful World by Sam Cooke(Not to be confused with What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.)Also, I Love You Period by Dan Baird. I don't know if it would be inappropriate though. It's about a student who is in love with his English teacher.I love you period,do you love me question mark?Please, please exclamation point, I wanna hold you in parentheses.

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