Whats an easy martial art to learn other than karate

2016-06-29 14:45
karate is about self defense but i would like to learn more than that. i want to defend my self but , for lack of a better way to put this, i want to make sure that they dont get up too soon.
Aikido is a wonderful form of martial arts.......Wing chun goes back to Bruce Lee and his master Yip Man
Go with kickboxing or muay thai. If you really just want to defend yourself in the street you could always go with krav maga. I dont recommend that though. And I imagine muay thai would be pretty street effective too.
I practice wu shu Kung Fu. It's awesome.
Kick boxing is very effective for self defense. I speak from experience. And as a plus side, the idiot who came at me now has a very crooked nose.
Easy? Depends on you. I find that for Judo and BJJ come very easy for me personally because I'm natural wrestler. But anything that involves a stand-up kick-boxing system is a bit awkward for me. Maybe you're the other way around.

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