What would you do if you like a guy who flirts with you but tells his friends that he doesn't like you like that but con

2016-06-28 12:27
cause i like a guy named david m. and he acts like he likes me back but tells his friend that he don't like me like that
Sounds like he's playing you like cat chasing mice. If he's under the age of 18 than he may be still maturing, and he may just be immature. If your getting second info than that other person may be lying to you...David may like you..he just may be shy...and/or immature. Just be patient he may show more signs that he's interested in you....
I think you should leave him alone because he is pretending to like you only when you are together. The fact that he tells his friends that he doesn't like you that much portrays that he really doesn't like you.
Depends on your age. You guys sound young. Perhaps he's just at such a young age he's embarrassed to tell his friends he's into a girl?

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