please help?I dont know whats wrong with my little sister!

2016-06-27 19:50
ok so my little sister is 7 years old and just about a few months ago she started having these weird scary sleepwalk trips,not just any sleepwalking.She would first wake up with her eyes wide open like her eyes are popping out of her skull and she would start shivering loudly and starting rubbing allover herself like she has bugs crawling on her.Then she would walk to the restroom and cry??! Then comes out like nothing ever happened.IDK whats happening but my parents are really worried do u know what going on?Shes never had anything like this before so this is new ,she encountered this when she was5 a few times but now its just coming back.I know she doesn't do it on purpose but i feel like when she wakes up shes half awake but half into a nightmare or something like shes having illusions!? Whats wrong,does she have a sleeping disorder or something?
There's this disorder where everything you do in your dream you do in real life. I saw a video about it but i didn't catch the name :/. It's what happens when you're really good at lucid dreaming... i think.
It's called a night terror, my parents told me i used to do this as a child. My mom said she would ask me questions to try and get me out of it, and apparently that worked well. And eventually I just grew out of it. Good luck!
Does your sister have epilepsy? I know a few people who have it and had night terrors when they were a child.
she could have sleep apnea
Night terrors. They usually get worse when there is added stress in a child's life. Look it up. Some thing not to do is try to wake her as it will only make it worse. Keep her safe so she doesn't injure herself when she is walking and then soothe her to sleep by talking gently. Your family needs to evaluate what is different about your or her routine that could possibly be making her insecure or stressed and do the best you can to reduce the trigger. The bright side is that studies have shown that they generally do NOT remember a thing. What I would be concerned about is that night terrors are not seen in older kids as much. Take her to a sleep specialist, talk with your family doc, and reduce stress triggers the best you can. good luck
Take her to a doctor. They'll be able to give her the best diagnosis and treatment, if necessary.

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