Im a huge fan of MCR. My dad recently heard Helena & Vampire Money &thought it was 'too adult' for a 13 year old

2016-06-26 01:29
By the way, Im not one of those grls whose all ditzy and girly. I know whats right and acceptable in Civilization and what will land you in jail. Thanks :)
well i like MCR but i must say those two might not be the best songs for a 13 year old
i dont think so. im 16 and have been listening to them for years. You should have the right to listen to any type of music that expresses who you are and be proud of it! :D i love MCR. my favs songs are Famous Last Words, Mama, and The Ghost of You. Never let anyone change who you are. :)
I am 13 and I have been listening to them since I was 9! My mom is really strict but she says there fine!!! Those aren't even the darkest songs! What about Mama and Vampires Will Never Hurt You? Tell your dad "it's not like the music is gonna give me nightmares or influence me to do anything....except dance"

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