My sister has curly hair and she wants to know how to make it straight but with out a flatiron or blow dryer she doesn't

2016-06-25 06:09
and doesn't want to a salon
Why doesn't she just use the flat iron and then put stuff in her hair for frizz! Sooooo many product! My favorite is "Bedhead". It really works! And my cousin had the same problem! (:
The only think I an think of is going to the salon, and getting it chemically straightened. I believe it is called a Brazilian blowout but I'm not 100% sure. Hope I helped!
The best way I can think of straightening a curly hair without a flatiron or blow dryer, is the salon. Just tell her to visit a hairdresser who will inspect the quality of her hair, and straighten it as required, to avoid damages.

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