How would I know if my crush likes me?

2016-06-23 07:58
Ok i like this boy from my church and we are really close and stuff. We were together once and then we broke up then again we told each other bout our feelings for each other and then the same week he kissed a girl in his school and they got together. i dont know if they're still together but we both kissed a few weeks ago. We sing together, dance together, act together. We grew up together and he came over like a million times and our parents know each other.. and well I guess spending so much time with him made me get feelings for him. Whenever we sings, if we can see each other he would watch me in a way that makes me feel special.I'm just stuck but I'm afraid that if we get together and things doesn't work out I we might lose our friendship but we wouldn't let that get between us I know that. I just need some advice please anyone.
Just ask him on a txt message so youd have time to run aroud your room praying before he txts back its what i did so guess whos my boyfriend!:)
just tell him that u still like him and he is a real friend he's not going anywhere
well i would take it slow if he likes you he will come to you
ask him thats it

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