what to do when your mom doesnt support anything you wanna do ?

2016-06-23 03:42
when i was younger i told my mom i wanna be a teacher she said no . when i was a little older i told her i wanna be an actress and a singer she told me you'll never make it . now i told her i want to be a model she literally just tells me shut up and ignores me -___- wth ?!
Ask her what she thinks you should do. You don't have to comply, but if she doesn't come up with any useful suggestions you should probably just ignore her.
Mine did the same thing. And when she does, I always point out to her that she's really unsupportive. I know how frustrating it can be to not have someone back you up. But, it's your life and you do what you want to do despite what she says. If you think you have a real shot at something go ahead and do it. You can find support from other people like your friends or other family.
I would fire her as a Mother and apply for a new one at Mothers-R-us ?
It is really unfortunate that your mum does not support anything you want to do. However, try and explain to her that you have a passion for it and you believe that you will excel when you do it. In addition, let her tell you what she thinks is best for you and analyse it so that you can come out with a concrete resolution.

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