If I'm going to be a YouTube commentator, do I need an editing program to edit my videos?

2016-06-22 23:59
I'm going to get FRAPs for my recording program, but I don't know what editing (if any) I'll need to do to my videos. If so, is there an editing program WAY CHEAPER than Sony Vegas? I don't have 500 bucks...
Yes. Recording with FRAPS or any other gaming capture program for PC will require a editing program. The reason is is because FRAPS will record a SUPER HUGE GB file. If you upload that file without it being rendered on a editing software and straight to YouTube, that will make the file super long to upload. Rendering the video will minimize the file and make the video file smaller so it can upload faster. I recommend rendering it as a MP3 file.
Yes,most likely if you want to be a "YouTube star" you wanna have an intro and outro and look professional.

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