Any natural remedies to getting hair dye out of my hair in order to go back to my natural color?

2016-06-21 21:33
I've been dying my hair from brown to strawberry blonde for a year now, ive been using peroxide. however now i am tired of this color and want my natural color back, are there any natural remedies for doing this? if not, is there anything simple i can do without damaging my hair. its very healthy and im afraid that anything i might do will damage it. HELP
Dye is the closest color to your natural hair and then let it just turn natural . That what I had to do. It worked pretty good too
To remove dye out of your hair naturally, you will have to mix baking powder and dandruff shampoo. Then, you wash your hair several times using the mixture. Make sure that you rinse your hair well. Don't expect the hair dye to instantly come off; it will take awhile for it to even fade. Go to for more details.

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