Who is best cosmetic surgeon in India, i want to get my rhinoplasty done

2016-06-21 17:04
i am having big potato like nose and want to get surgery done asap.
I have a huge nose too un understand what your feeling. Instead of surgery there are special nose pegs you can buy that help.
I can certainly suggest Dr. Debraj Shome practicing at Nova specialty surgery, Mumbai for your problem dear.He was also head of plastic surgery in Apollo hospital, Hyderabad. I had crooked nose and i was feeling very sad with this for years as i grew. But later i started suffering with breathing problems and snoring too. So i knew, it's time for nose job done for nasal refinement as doctor suggested.Then i met Dr. Debraj Shome, a renowned & internationally trained cosmetic surgeon who studied my case very well. He explained me and my family about my nose problem and how he is gonna do septorhinoplasty to correct my nose. He was empathetic and assured me a better looking nose. After 6 months of surgery- septoplasty, i could see myself with better nose as all thanks to Dr. Shome.Even my breathing complaints and snoring is relieved now. Dr. Shome is certainly the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in India.

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