Is there any way to get dried wood stain out of jeans?

2016-06-21 12:51
Any idea's?
The best thing to do is get embroidered patches, if you are female, and cover them up, or male just designate these pants as "work" pants. Sling some more stain on them and make it look on purpose!!!!
this is really weird but use dish detergent
I'm afraid you're stuck with it. It's called "stain" for a reason. It's made to penetrate and act as a dye.
I honestly don't think so, especially if it has time to set in. I do my porches every 3 to 5 years they look better and the sealer really extends the life of the wood, we have high mieral soil and salt to brackish water. I've used my same 2 pair of Levis brown jeans for years-but they do look better and if I have an accident they're sealed

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