How can I make a move on her? I need help deciding what to do and how to do it concerning a relationship

2016-06-19 20:37
What should I do to further our relationship?
I have had a huge crush on my best friend for a year now, and I want to further our relationship. The only thing is, I am not allowed to date until I am 16.(Neither can she, and I dont want to make her have to defy her parents) Can I do other things to exit the friend-zone or even tell her my feelings without jeopardizing our friendship? It means an awful lot to me, except my heart wants me to pursue a relationship with her. We are both the same age, we attend the same school and church. She does not have a phone. I already talk to her frequently. Are there things I can do to break the touch barrier, or find her feelings towards me? Anything to bring us emotionally closer would help, thanks.

The reason I am booting this is because I had an experience on New Year's Eve that led me to believe I needed to make a move. Basically, I had an opportunity to hold her hand/ hug her, but I did not take it. I think I cowarded out. I am certain now that she likes me back. What can I do? I want to hold her hand or do ANYTHING... I love her. Any comments are greatly appreciated
Tell her. Don't exactly ask her out if you're not allowed to date, but let her know how you feel.
Just talk to her and get to know her. Then you move on from there. We can't really tell you what to do because every female is different. Like how they want a relationship to move and all of that sort. Get familiar with her and then you can go on from there by yourself
Tell her how you feel. If she has given you a chance to hold her hand/hug her then that probably means she likes you. Just go for it.

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