My wages were reduced. Position is the same. Performance rating is only down 7 points from 100. Is that even legal witho

2016-06-18 18:46
What about that is okay. Do I have any recourse? Give good news people!!!!
It sounds really wrong. Did you sign a contract when you took the job, and did it say anything about this? If you are an "at will" employee and you complain, they can just fire you. They may want you to quit for some reason. Maybe this is just a bad company that doesn't care about its employees and tries to save money any way they can. If you want to know if you have a case talk to a lawyer who will give a free initial consultation.
The laws are different in most states for the amount of time the employee needs to give notice for a reduction in wages. Check with your local department of labor. The bottom line is that you must be notified in writing BEFORE you perform work at the lower wage.
I go back months to answer questions, Handymom1 is right; you need to be notified of your wage reduction. So you can agree to work for less if you like it. Unless you have previously sing an agreement to such.
That doesn't sound right to me at all. Unfortunately, I don't have any real idea on what you need to do best guess is to talk with someone in HR. I sure hope it is some weird mistake...
it is indeed saddening to note the reduction in wages -maximum they can do is not to give any increment-salary is reduced only when any punishment is given to an employee not otherwise but for the reason that the salary of all employees are reduced should the firm face any economic problem-wher you been warned or issued any chargesheet by the firm-if not discuss the matter with your HR DEPT AND PL QUOTE THE REPLY GIVEN BY ME

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