Can a college student be retarded? Mental retardation is a learning disorder, and I know I wouldn't have made it to coll

2016-06-18 14:24
Sorry I'm not saying it like a mental retarded person wanting to study in a special education class. I'm asking, because someone is calling me retarded even though I went to college, and they did not. I read it was a general intellectual or learning disability, and I was actually one of the top in my graduating class.
Why does this matter? You are concerned over someone slinging a silly insult. I don't think you are disabled, but naive and easily mislead. Yes, someone with a mental challenge could get in college and be at the top of things if they are also a savant or at the high end of the spectrum. This is NOT a learning disorder either, it is a disability. Please research the differences, so the next time this subject comes up, you don't come off so naive. And please for the love of all things educational…stop with concerns of silly insults slung by someone who had an ax to grind.
yes, there are generally many 'sped' or special ed kids on any campus. They learn in different ways and are held to different standards.
Yes - there are different stages of retardation from mild to severe to Very severe - if truth be known a lot of people are mildly and or act that way --
I am sure you are very intelligent. Btw, you can tell that person that retarded is not used anymore! And he is retarded for not knowing that:) just ignore people like that. It makes them feel better to put other people down, because they really do not like themselves.
Ok, I don't really believe in retardation. But if I did, then I'd say yes. All the student would need is hope. A good friend and supportive family would be helpful too.
The word " retarded " is incorrectly used in that context. It's mentally deficient or challenged, or even mentally disabled. Anyways, the answer is certainly indeed.

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